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The Splendour of the First World Credit Rating Forum Reappeared in its Feature Film

Mar 29, 2016 06:45 PM Author Font:TTT

The first World Credit Rating Forum, sponsored by Universal Credit Rating Group & Xinhua News and organised by Dagong Credit Rating Group, was held in Beijing on the 29th June 2015. The room was filled with distinguished guests from regulators of credit rating of governments around the world, credit rating agencies, domestic and foreign media as well as renowned economists and scholars. The forum harvested profound research and insightful discussion on the rewrites of global credit rating pattern, which promoted the reformation of global credit rating system.

To record the achievements of this forum, a feature film was made to present this grand occasion and excellent speeches.

For the first time in human history, the World Credit Rating Forum aimed at reforming the global credit rating system. It is not only an assemblage of practical results of credit rating over hundreds of years, but also a new milestone of the credit rating history.

The keynote speakers of the forum include: Mr Guan Jianzhong, chairman of the Universal Credit Rating Group; Mr Dominique de Villepin, chairman of the International Advisory Council (IAC) and former prime minister of France; Mr Shaukat Aziz, member of IAC and former prime minister of Pakistan; Mr Igor Ivanov, former foreign minister of Russia and Mr Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia.

The attended guests also include Mr Zhu Guangyao, Deputy Finance Minister of China; Mr Thomas Missong, chairman of the Europe Credit Rating Association; Mr Santiago Dumlao, chief secretary of Asia Credit Rating Association; Mr Chen Zhiwu, tenure of Yale University and Mr Thomas J. Sargent, the 2011 Nobel Prize winner, professor of economics at New York University and senior researcher of Hoover Institution, as well as many top economists and financial experts.

The attended guests investigated on four aspects: 1) the relationship between credit rating and world economic development; 2) mode of a new international credit rating system; 3) how to establish the regulating principles and regime that conforms to the rules of credit rating development; 4) the importance of credit rating theory to the performance of rating responsibilities. The forum interpreted the rules of credit rating development and therefore helps the society’s knowledge of credit rating upgrade to a new level. Starting from this, a new page has been opened that the world jointly manages the credit rating business,N which attracts attentions and expectations around the globe.