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World Credit Rating Forum

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China World SummitWing 3F Summit Ballroom- Beijing

29th June,2015

8:00-9:00 Conference Registration

9:00-9:10 Kickoff and Introduction of VIPs

Moderator: Aaron Heslehurst(BBC TV Presenter)

9:10-9:15 Opening Remarks

Speaker: Wei Zichuan(Executive Vice President of Xinhuanet)

9:15-9:35 Keynote Speech

Speaker: Guan Jianzhong(Chairman of “UniversalCredit Rating

Group”, UCRG)


Developmentof the World Economy and the Responsibility of the

RatingRegime Overhaul

9:35-9:50 Keynote Speech

Speaker: Dominique de Villepin(Former Prime Minister of France,

Chairmanof the International Advisory Council of UCRG)

9:50-11:00 Panel Discussion


·The relationshipbetween credit rating and credit resources

·Who creates creditresources as a consumption capability?

·The relationshipbetween credit resources and wealth creation


·The relationshipbetween credit resources and the worldeconomy

·How should weestablish the proper status of credit rating in the world

economy by applyingthe theory of “pro-cyclicality between

production and credit”and “counter-cyclicality between credit and


Moderator:ZhiwuChen (Professor of Finance at Yale School of



·Zhu Guangyao (ViceMinister,Ministry of Finance of the People’s

Republic of China)

·Gillmore Hoefdraad(Governor of the Central Bank of Suriname)

· ·Zhang Zhixiang(Part-time Professor of Renmin University of China,

Former Executive Director for China at International Monetary Fund)

·Frank Packer (Head ofEconomics and Financial Markets for Asia and

the Pacific, Bank for InternationalSettlements)

·Thomas J. Sargent(Professor of Economics of New York University,

NobelLaureatein 2011, SeniorFellow at the Hoover Institution)

11:00-11:10 Coffee Break & Networking


Choiceof Model for the International Rating System Reform

11:10-11:25 Keynote Speech

Speaker: Shaukat Aziz (FormerPrime Minister of Pakistan, Member

ofthe International Advisory Council of UCRG)

11:25-12:35 Panel Discussion


· How should weunderstand that the essence of global capital flow is the allocation of creditresources, and its requirement for the consistence, comparability, flow-abilityand impartiality of rating information is the cornerstone for modeling aninternational rating system?

· Why the existinginternational rating system cannot assume the rating responsibility of theworld?

· How then we shouldbuild a new international rating system?

· Why our current internationalrating model is the Model of Choice to

reconstructa new international rating system that forges an

internationalrating structure with an emphasis on co-existence,

inclusivenessand complement, yet with "checks and balances" of

the twoRating Systems?

Moderator:SantiagoF. Dumlao Jr. (Secretary-General of the

Association of CreditRating Agencies in Asia, ACRAA)


·George E. Kanaan(Chief Executive Officer of Arab Bankers


·Manfred Wiebogen(President of ACI Financial Market


·Sherry Madera(Minister Counsellor and Director, Financial

ProfessionalServices and ICT,UKTI)

·Thomas Missong(President of European Association of Credit

RatingAgencies, EACRA)

·Victoria Stepanenko(Deputy Director of Financial Market

DevelopmentDepartment of the Bank of Russia)

12: 35-13:30 Lunch Break


HowWe could Establish an International Rating Regulatory System?

13:30-13:45 Keynote Speech:

Speaker:IgorIvanov (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia,

Memberof the International Advisory Council of UCRG)

13:45-14:55 Panel Discussion


· What is the institutional reasonfor flawed ratings to incur global credit


·What is the basis forbuilding a rating regulatory system?

·How do we design amodel for an international rating regulatory


·Howdo we cure the stubborn disease in "rating shopping" from the


Moderator: Santiago F. DumlaoJr. (Secretary-General of the

Associationof Credit Rating Agencies in Asia, ACRAA)


·GuanJianzhong (Chairman of UCRG)

·GeWeiping (Vice Chairman of Securities Association of China)

·FrankPartnoy (Professor of Law and Finance at the University of San


·SergeyK. Dubinin (Chairman of the Supervisory Council of JSC VTB

Bank, Former Governor of the Bank ofRussia)

·FaheemAhmad (President of the Association of Credit Rating

Agenciesin Asia, ACRAA)

14:55-15:05 Coffee Break & Networking


Innovationin Rating Theory and Rating Criteria

15:05-15:20 Keynote Speech

Speaker: Kevin Rudd (FormerPrime Minister of Australia, Member

ofthe International Advisory Council of UCRG)

15:20-16:30 Panel Discussion


·Fora rating theory as a methodology to effectively identify credit

risks, an important anchor is the inherent relationshipsamong the

objectivenessof the credit risk factors

·The impartiality ofrating roots in the correctness of the rating theory

·Whether a CRA has aunique and correct rating theory and its ability to

developrating criteria determines the CRA’s capability of fulfilling

publicrating responsibility

Moderator: James Bellini (TVBroadcasterand Author)


·Xiang Songzuo (ChiefEconomist of Agricultural Bank of China


·Nasser H. Saidi (Founder and President of NasserSaidi & Associates,

FormerChief Economist of Dubai International Financial Centre,


·Vladimir Markelov (Advisor to the FirstDeputy Governor of the

Bankof Russia)

·Norbert J. Gaillard(French Economist and Independent Consultant)

·Michael Pettis (Visiting Professor of Guanghua School ofManagement,


16:30-17:00 Q & A Session

17:00-18:00 Keynote Speech: U.S. China 21:Constructive Realism, Common


Moderator: Aaron Heslehurst (BBC TV Presenter)

Speaker: Kevin Rudd (FormerPrime Minister of Australia,N Member

ofthe International Advisory Council of UCRG)