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Promoting Reform of International Credit Rating System Should Be ACRAA’s Priority

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Guan Jianzhong

7 April, 2011

Kuala Lumpur

I. Adapting to Needs of Times and Undertaking Historical Mission

1. The global financial crisis presents the task of reconstructing the international rating system for the humanity

2. ACRAA should keep the direction of historical development and stay abreast with the times to promote the reform of international credit rating system

II. Tasks ACRAA Should Fulfill in Promoting Reform of International Rating System

1. To promote the establishment of an ICRA that is capable of assuming the global rating responsibility

2. To promote the setup of a brand-new international rating supervisory system

3. To promote the development of a new international rating standard

4. Mobilize more social resources to engage in and support the reform of international rating system

III. Improving Governance Structure of ACRAA to Enable It to Lead Asian CRAs in Assuming the Responsibility of Safeguarding the Security of Financial System in Asia

IV. Formulating a Five-Year Plan in Compliance with the Needs of the Times and Improving the Overall Effect of ACRAA Work